This is a 2000 E350 7.3 Diesel Ford custom converted Ford van that runs on Waste Vegetable oil (WVO) and has solar panels on the roof.
Here are the details:
Watch the Veggie Oil Solar Van Tour Videos Here:

VeggieOil SolarPowered CamperVan for sale (Short Tour)

VeggieOil SolarPowered CamperVan for sale (Long Tour)

VeggieOil SolarPowered CamperVan for sale (WVO collector Tour)


- VeggieStroke/Biofuelstechnologies V3 WVO conversion kit on it (with the new Scorpion motor and many other extra V3 replacement parts along with the information on where to buy more from the source).

- Custom made onboard WVO Processing system with a DieselCraft centrifuge, powered by a Oberdorfer N991 pump and Leeson 12 Volt DC Motor 1/3 HP 1750 RPM motor, Aluminum bag filter, 2 all aluminum tanks and heat exchangers, all Parker brand synthetic WVO proof hoses, all fully automatic system that has been custom designed.

- 70 gallon Auxiliary WVO storage and collection tank and 2 Fill-Rite FR1612 transfer pumps for WVO Collection.

- Hundreds of dollars worth of extra parts and WVO filters for the system.

- Cooling mist Water injection 150psi pump & one 250cc injector nozzle

- Smith bros chromoly pushrods

- Swamps single-shot injectors

- 3 auxiliary Optimus batteries that the house part runs off of separated from the 2 engine Batteries with a Sure Power 200Amp Battery Separator.

- Ziebart undercoating to protect against rust etc when it was new so still in good condition.

- Tankless water heater for hot and cold running water

- Indoor shower

- 40 gallon water tank

- Water filter

- Commercial quality stove

- Thermostatically controlled Suburban RV furnace

- All custom made wooden cabinetry

- Tons of space for stuff great for live in or traveling vendors.

- Michelin LTX MS tires

- Raised roof

- Fantastic Fan brand roof vent

- 1750 watt inverter

(444k all highway miles, 200K are WVO miles. (Eats oil, I think its a blown ring but still runs great! Great vehicle to live in or drive).

Please email : for any questions or to make an offer.