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Thread: WVO conversion of 12 Valve and 4 BT

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    Yup, that's what i discovered. I did find that the cover i had for my "clean" wvo was allowing rain water in. I drained about 100 gallons into my dirty tank and started over. I modified that setup so that the contamination won't occur again and flushed my storage tank out with diesel. I'm burning veggie again and its going great. Thanks

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    4BT is still running Great. I thought I would update. I've finally gotten the pump tuned to the turbo setup. I have another turbo to install and look forward to getting it running with more low end torque. I've got a few other vehicles I plan to swap over soon.

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    NICE!!! Thanks for the update!!
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    not sure how much activity is here anymore, but I thought I'd update. My fuel pressure regulator got "stuck" on my VE pump and it popped the front seal completely out of the VE pump.

    The only thing different lately is that I don't drive the truck everyday like I used to do. The pressure regulator was brown with WVO build up on it. I've been purging it the same for over two years. I guess the "sitting" may have contributed to the situation. Subsequently it blew the seal in my vaccum/steering combo pump. Fortunately that clued me in to the 3 gallons of diesel in my oil.

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