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Thread: A cautionary tale on hydraulic oil.

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    A cautionary tale on hydraulic oil.

    I had to make a couple of more long hauls to Ca this summer and I was running low on WVO. I decided to run waste hydraulic fluid from a local hydraulic repair shop. I was not sure how it burns so I cut it 50% with WVO. The first 55 gallons burnt fine with no ill effect so I kept running it down the interstate. By the time I had gone through around a 110 gallons of it the 99 Ford 7.3 was smoking so bad it could not be driven during the day. It smoked when I was running diesel as well so I decided to buy some Lucas injector cleaner. I ran that through the engine with a tank full of diesel. With no better results still smoking. I broke down and ordered a set of injectors. They were rebuilt injectors and would be 10 days out. Its really fun have a truck you can only run at night for a couple of weeks. It makes everything more interesting. The injectors arrived as promised a week and a half later. I parked my truck in an old building and proceeded to tear it down to replace the injectors. Well it turned out they sent me the wrong series of injectors. I already had my originals pulled out so I was forced to make a decision. The tips were carbonized up horribly. I wish I would have taken pictures but I didn't. I took my pocket knife and scraped them clean. I took the O rings off of the rebuilt injectors put them on my old ones and reinstalled them. To my amazement the truck no longer smoked and had regained the power it lost. I sent the wrong injectors back and the rest is history. I am sure this could have been prevented by not using the hydraulic fluid in the first place as I have run WVO for over 50,000 with no ill effect. If you are in a pinch the pocket knife trick may or may not work for you. It worked for me.

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    Wow! Welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing. The smoking is something the guys who are honest about WMO/etc all admit to. Some have had success 'blowing it out' with diesel and additives, but it is interesting to hear you did it with the knife (my hero, btw!!). Fwiw, it seems like even water injection doesn't help.
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