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  1. Owen's OBS Install

  2. VeggieGarage is going to SEMA 2013

    The VeggieGarage team is excited to announce that we are attneding this year's SEMA show in Las Vegas, Nov 5th - Nov 8th.

    The SEMA Show floorplan is alive with more than 2,400 world class companies including 500 brand-new exhibitors. We won't have a booth "this year" but would love to meet up with anyone from our greasy community while attending the show.

    This is a huge event. No worries though. SEMA has an interactive app for your smart device that shows the ...
  3. now has authorized installers

    The team is proud to announce 2 authorized installers - Jason Pandolph and Russell Steele. Each of these gentlemen have well over 100's of thousands of miles on WVO and are both very attentive to detail and the success of your diesel to veggie oil conversion.

    Dave Roberson
    Mesa, AZ

    Jason Pandolph
    Authorized VeggieGarage Installer
    Blairsville, Georgia
    706-400-9330 ...
  4. 7.3L Fuel Bowl Delete Kit

    This kit relocates the stock 7.3L diesel fuel bowl, fuel pressure regulator, and metal lines from the hot engine valley to the frame rail.

    This is a bare bones kit without bracket or lines to the engine. The bracket and lines are being developed as you read this.

    3/8" line in and out and 5/16" to return to the tank. All fitting you see in the photos are included.

    While the rest of the kit is being developed, you can get the kit as it is at ...
    Veggie Garage R&D
  5. 7.3L VegiStroke Check Valve Relocate Kit from Veggie

    The VeggieGarage Team is proud to announce the 7.3L VegiStroke Check Valve Relocate Kit :cool:

    Replacing the check valves on the diesel side of a 7.3 PowerStroke with a VegiStroke system can be a time consuming and, at times, frustrating task. This complete kit allows you to relocate the check valves from the cylinder heads to the diesel side of the body of the ...
    Veggie Garage R&D